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General introduction to the center of international seminars in PIRI

RIPI with a record of more than half a century is one of the biggest scientific-research centers in the Middle East.  

Undoubtedly, holding scientific-educational seminars and discussions have an undeniable role in growth and development of the society. For this reason, PIRI’s international seminars center has been established in one of the best places in Tehran which has a desirable weather and its view is very beautiful.  Enjoying from the required resources with different capacities and also expert personnel in setting up the national and international events has made this center an exemplar in holding seminars with focus and centrality of specialty and experience.

Main activities

  • Holding  conferences, public  assemblies, and  specialized seminars

  • Setting up public and specialized exhibitions

  • Holding scientific international conferences

  • Holding the festivals and concerts   

Reference to some parts of unique characteristics of this sector in hosting various events, indicates capabilities of this center in planning, coordinating and executing the events at national and international levels. i.e.:

  • Unique capacity of the centers and the number of  various halls for holding different ceremonies

  • Professional systems of digital and analogue voice recording

  • Professional video cameras (HD&FULL HD)

  • Video wall (DLP) unique for showing the films and advertising teasers  with HD quality

  • Dining rooms and places for serving mid-day meal

  • Automobile private parking

  • Possibility of simultaneous translation (up to 6 languages)  with separate rooms for translators

  • Easy access due to geographical position








Contact us

Address: Convention Center of Resarch Institude of Petroleum Industry/Resarch Institude of Petroleum Industry/West Side of Azadi Stadium/Tehran/Iran

Tell: +982148255349 - +982148255382  ,Fax: +982144739660

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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