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General introduction to the center of internationa…

Posted on 02-07-2014 in About convention

RIPI with a record of more than half a century is one of the biggest scientific-research centers in the Middle... Read more

Other facilities

Posted on 13-07-2014 in Facilities

Special exhibition space to the area of 250m2  for stand exhibitions inside the lobby and open patterned- floor exhibition space... Read more

Calendar of upcoming event

Posted on 11-08-2014 in News

Hall Date Ceremony Name Azadegan 2014-09-22 Saturday General Assembly of the oil and gas company (Tapykv) Caspian 2014-09-23 Sunday ... Read more

Arash Hall

Arash Hall

Posted on 02-07-2014 in Halls

This Hall is suitable for holding formal and specialized meetings, training workshops and special meetings. Among facilities of this saloon we... Read more

Golshan Hall

Golshan Hall

Posted on 02-07-2014 in Halls

This saloon is a space with special design of a conference desk for setting up educational meetings, managers and specialized... Read more

Photo report

Nime Shaban Ceremony
This Ceremony was held in Azadegan hall with honorable guests and music band.

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